Why is Natural Medicine Good for You?

Holistic healing and natural medicine go hand in hand, especially because holistic healing promotes natural, non-invasive treatment – and this is what natural, herbal medicine can provide patients with: effective treatment through the use of organic substances.


Using natural herbs for healing dates back to the early times, back when our ancestors had no advanced technology to develop prescription medicines yet. Many people are skeptical with what benefits natural medicines can give, many are doubtful of its effectiveness, but herbal medicines have helped many of our predecessors before, so why couldn’t it be beneficial to us now?


The truth is, there is an increase in the number of people turning to the aid of herbal or natural medicines. These nature-provided treatments have many advantages, and here are some of them:


Herbal medicines have minimal side effects (or none at all) – Since natural medicines were derived from natural ingredients (i.e. plants), they cause little to no side effects compared to modern, prescription medicines that may cause stomach pains, headaches, and many others.


Affordability – Herbal medicines are more affordable than prescribed, commercial medicines. This is because of the abundance of naturally-occurring plants from where herbal medicines are derived. What’s more, because most herbal medicines are just plants, you can even grow them on your own backyard.


Natural medicines are easy-to-find – Unlike commercialized medicines with stocks that can run out, herbal medicines are almost always available in various stores and pharmacies. They don’t require prescription either so you can get them whenever you need them.


Non-toxic – Prescription drugs, when taken continuously, could build up in a person’s bloodstream and can lead to health issues; this is referred to as drug toxicity. If you opt for natural medicines, your body can easily digest and absorb these natural, organic ingredients; hence, you are free from the risk of developing drug toxicity by sticking to herbal medicine.